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"Wow! These are really good, I mean really good! Hmmm!"

Johnny Magic, XL 106.7

OMG her Cheesecakes are amazing!

"The most amazing cheesecake I’ve ever had! My husband doesn’t even usually like sweets and he devoured this cheesecake. Jenn does an awesome job creating such a delicious indulgent dessert!"

Selena M, XL 106.7

Ayleen B, Orlando

That was the best thing I’ve EVER eaten! Cheesecake is one of my favorite things and I’ve had it at some the finest restaurants. Your’s wins. No contest.​

Doug S, Winter Park

Such a good cheesecake! The crust is to die for and the cheesecake is the perfect texture. My guests raved about it.

"I had one of your

Cuties and OMG its amazing and brings me back to when I was a little girl and loved sweets. I felt that kind of Joy when I tasted your Cutie." 

Jay, Orlando

That was an amazing Cheesecake! We had the White Chocolate Raspberry, Holy Cow! Everyone needs to eat these!

Rick R, Winter Park

Emily, Darling Desserts, Oviedo

Cheesecake Cutie does it again! This beauty is a lemon blueberry! The slightly tart creamy lemon cheesecake is perfectly paired with the sweetness of blueberries. Excellent! 😋🥰 If you haven’t purchased one her cheesecakes, or tried one of her minis from several local restaurants she sells to, you are missing something special. Quality every time. Shop local

Vanessa M, Orlando

CF Restaurant Review

The Cheesecake was delicious, my family loved it. You have a new customer. 

Leslie, Winter Springs

Oh Jennifer, you have truly outdone yourself!! I now have a new favorite 😋 The dozen mini's I bought for Sunday family dinner (you can freeze them to keep them fresh) They made it 4 hours before I just had to try your new Key Lime Cheesecake. OMG amazing, simply amazing!

         Lisa S, Oviedo

Thanks to everyone that answered my ISO for the best cheesecake for my son-in-laws birthday dinner last night.
The majority voted Cheesecake Cutie and I’m am so thankful they did.
The cheesecake was truly amazing, the packaging was very nice as well.
Thank you Cheesecake Cutie, it was a big hit.

Richard S, Winter Springs

CF Restaurant Review

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