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Having An Event...
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We specialize in Gourmet Cheesecakes,  Charcuterie Boards and 1 to 2 bite Scuties. These make the perfect addition to any event. 

If you are getting married we would love for you to come in for a  consultation and tasting. Our wedding Cheesecakes, Charcuterie Boards and Scutie prices are based on the amount of decoration, time, quantity and assembly that goes into making your event spectacular.


All of our Cheesecakes, Charcuterie Boards and Scuties are custom made and are made with you and your event in mind.

If you have any questions please let us know. We are here to help! 

Congratulations on Your Engagement!
Bridal Shower
Company Holiday Party
Baby Shower

Cutie Bon Bons

These Beauties are made from

our Cheesecake Crust. 

Dash of Love, a Splash of Flavor &

a Dip of Heaven! 

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