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About Us

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Over 40 years ago, Barbara Lanza was making Cheesecakes in New Jersey. Little did she know that 42 years later her daughter Jennifer was going to take that recipe and create an amazing brand. Barbara passed away in 1995 from Breast Cancer and Jennifer started to make her cheesecakes in her memory. She would make them for holidays, friend gatherings and dinner parties.  Friends and Family started to tell her that she really had perfected her mom's recipe and needed to start selling them. In 2019, The Cheesecake Cutie Brand began.

As the Cheesecake Cutie grew, Jennifer was able put in her 2-week notice at her full time job at the beginning of March 2019. Then Covid-19 shut down most of the country so she did what she knew best and went to social media to tell her story. Several hours later, a local BBQ restaurant owner contacted her and wanted to add the Cuties to his menu. He then brought some over to a colleague of his and he too ordered for his restaurant. Word of mouth continued to spread very quickly and The Cheesecake Cutie is now an up and coming brand. 


The B's Original and signature Cheesecakes are sure to exceed your expectations. Oh and the Crust... it is starting to make its own name for itself. As the saying goes

"Cutie Crust is a MUST!"


Our Products

 Our promise is to always use quality ingredients, shop local and support small businesses like ourselves.

We take pride in what we do! 

About Our Bakery

At our bakery, we strive to provide a welcoming, happy and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are just visiting for a few days, live on the island or coming in to say hello, we will treat you as if you are family. 

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