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Cheesecake Menu

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Mom knows best...This is Barbara's Recipe!

There is nothing "Plain" about our B's Original Cheesecake. One bite and it will leave you wanting more!


B's Original

This is a traditional 9" Cheesecake, sides completely surrounded our famous Graham Cracker Crust.



Gluten Free B's Original

You can now enjoy B's Original, but with a GF Crust!


Lucia's Lucious Keto.png

Lucia's Luscious Keto

You read it right!! Our B's Original is Now available in KETO. Your choice of either a Walnut Crust (6 NET Carbs per slice) or Pecan Crust (5 NET Carbs per slice).


Specialty Cheesecake

Chocolate Chip.png

Chocolate Chip


Chocolate Delight.png

Chocolate Delight

This Cheesecake is the perfect marriage of Rich Chocolate infused into our Original Cheesecake and surrounded by a gorgeous chocolate crust. This is any Chocolate Lovers Dream



Grandma's Key Lime

Key Lime Infused Cheesecake.       This is a summer time must!



Tall Dark & Handsome

Who Loves Nutella? This is the perfect marriage of our B's Original with a top layer of Nutella cheesecake, topped with Nutella Ganache.  





White Chocolate Raspberry

Our Most Loved Cheesecake. White Chocolate Cheesecake, topped with a Raspberry glaze and Whipped Cream.


Gourmet Cheesecake


Blueberry Lemon

Fresh Lemon Zest infused with a fresh Blueberry glaze and Blueberries


Lady Luck.png

Lady Irish

Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake, topped with homemade whipped cream and drizzled with Dark Chocolate. Signature Cutie Crust



"Juan" In A Millon

Oreo Cookie Crust, Layered Oreo Crumbles inside and topped with homemade Whipped Cream and even MORE Oreo cookies. Everyone needs to have their very own "Juan" In a Million!


PB Cheesecake.png

Peanut Butter Dream

Chocolate Crust Peanut Butter Cheesecake topped with a Chocolate Ganache Drizzle & Peanut Butter Cups.




Hungry for a Snickers, but craving Cheesecake? This is the perfect dessert for you! Chunks of Snickers Candy folded in our batter, with Chocolate & Caramel Drizzle and sprinkled with even more Snickers. 



Kahlua Kiss

These Cheesecake is made for the 

anyone who loves this liquor. 

Kahlua infused in the cheesecake, topped with our House Whipped Cream, Cocoa Powder & Chocolate covered Espresso Bean. 



Salted Caramel

This has become an AMI Island Favorite. It doesn't need much explanation.. Simple Delicious! 


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Party Theme



Party Theme

Gender Reveal, Theme Colors, Sports Teams you name it, we can do it. 2 Colors provided Additional Colored Layers $2.00 ea

Starting at $55.00 

Gender Reveal Cuties

Aren't Those Just  Cute??


Our Cheesecake Cuties are available in all of the Full Size Cheesecakes above. They are available at our bakery daily. Please click Cheesecake Cuties to view all that we have to offer. 



Tis The Season


Thankful Sailor

Our own Pumpkin Spice Seasoning infused into the cheesecake, topped with homemade whipped cream and seasonal decorations. It will make any non pumpkin lover, say "Wow!" Signature Cutie Crust



White Chocolate Peppermint

White Chocolate Cheesecake, Peppermint Bark, Chocolate drizzle and dusted with Peppermint candy!