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Cutie's FAQ

FAQ Page

Below are some frequently asked questions from our guests. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to give us a call. We are here to help! 

Do you ship your Cheesecakes? 

We currently do not offer shipping. We are hoping that once things calm down from COVID we will be able to offer shipping to the US. Our cheesecakes would need to be shipped overnight and the cost of that currently is extremely expensive. Personally, we would not want our customers to have to incurr that cost. We love that our cheesecakes are wanted and loved, but morally it is just not right for us. 

We can ship our Cookies, Shirts, Hats, Granola, Dog Treats and anything else that does not have to be refrigerated.   

Do you have any non-dairy cheesecake option?

YES WE DO!! We use an Almond Milk based Cream Cheese with a Gluten Free Cookie Crust. Can be topped with our house made fruit toppings. Since we just launched this in December 2021, we bake the Cheesecakes and keep them frozen till requested. If you know you would like one for a dine in experience, please feel free to call the store and we will have it ready for you. Otherwise, it will defrost with in 20 minutes. 

Do you make Cakes or Cupcakes?

Unfortunately, we do not. We can only make you the BEST cheesecake you have ever had.

Do you sell KETO & Gluten-Free Cheesecakes? 

YES! We have both available and in a variety of flavors. Please check out our Cuties page for additional info. 

Do you sell KETO & Gluten-Free Bread? 

Yes we do have Gluten Free! Most of our sandwiches can be made on 2 different Gluten-Free bread options. 

We do not have any KETO bread currently. 

Do you Deliver?

Not at this time. Something we have on our radar for within the next year. 

We will deliver for catering orders and large events. 

Do you Cater?

We absolutely do and we LOVE it!  Visit our Catering/Events Page for more details

Cheesecakes for a Wedding Reception?

OMG, YES!! Cheesecake is different and now a days, couples are looking for different and non-traditional wedding things. Visit our Weddings page for more details

Can we order ahead and pick up?

Yes you can! We are the perfect grab-n-go to the beach, boat or excursion. Call us at least 25 minutes before you need to pick up. 

How long can the cheesecakes stay in the car?

Cheesecakes are dairy, so leaving it in the car for an extended period of time is not advisable. If you are traveling with them in your car without a cooler, no more then 2 hours. With a cooler and lots of ice, about 6-8 hours. 

We do not recommend leaving them in your car while the car is not running for more than 10 mins, especially when hot out. 

How long can the cheesecakes stay in the refrigerator?

Roughly 4 days, but we doubt they will last that long. :-) 

You can freeze the Cuties as well in an airtight container and it will stay delicious for about 3 months. 

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