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The Cheesecake  Cutie  is a locally owned & operated small business. I am Jennifer, the CEO. I was born in New Jersey to a Sicilian Dad and Italian/Irish Mom. I grew up in South Florida,  and then moved to Central Florida in 1989.  I graduated from Dr. Phillips High School, class of 95'. I've been married for 13-years and we have 3 children. 

My Mother passed away when I was 18, from Breast Cancer. She was a fighter, but just wasn't able to fight anymore. I can remember her making cheesecakes growing up. Creating the crust by hand, which is now becoming a well loved and craved part of our cheesecakes. I followed in her footsteps and continued the tradition over the years for friends, family gatherings, holidays etc. Everyone RAVED about them... this is when my cheesecake FRENZY began. Every gathering the request was "Bring your Cheesecake!"  It wasn't until recently that friends said "You have to start selling these, these are amazing!"

I didn't believe them and thought they were just being nice. I mean Isn't that what friends do? The more I thought about it and the more my friends made these sounds of pure ecstasy when they would take one bite, I said to myself "Let's give it a go!" and here I am. 


Living in Central Florida we know it is hard to find anything that compares to the North, but when you do.. it is like striking gold, and you too, will start making those same little sounds of pure ecstasy with one bite! That is what happens when you taste The Cheesecake Cutie cheesecake!

We provide our customers with an Exquisitely Beautiful cheesecake. A cheesecake that just naturally makes you say "Mmmmmm!" with every bite.

What makes our cheesecakes stand out is that the cheesecake itself is surrounded by a Gloriously Delicious crust. It makes your taste buds dance with pure pleasure! The crust is making a name for itself alone and has been the most commonly complimented part of the Cheesecake. 

I hope to become a name in Central Florida for providing an amazing and heavenly cheesecake. 

I look forward to serving you and your loved ones soon! 

Jennifer R. Geils

All our cheesecakes are hand crafted and made to order when requested. 

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